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As previously communicated, access to the Initial Teacher Training Data Management System has now closed. A new site, the Trainee Teacher Portal shall be available from August. Existing users of the ITTDMS will receive a communication when the new site is Live.

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Privacy Notice: Initial Teacher Training Data Management System

Our use of personal information

This portal provides organisations with access to their ITT trainees’ records held on the Initial Teacher Training Data Management System (ITTDMS). The ITTDMS is maintained by the Department for Education (DfE). For the purpose of data protection legislation, the DfE is the data controller for data held and processed within the ITTDMS.

As an accredited ITT provider, or an organisation partnered with an accredited ITT provider, access to this portal enables you to:

  • Submit and view your trainee’s ITT records, including personal details
  • Update your trainee’s ITT records, including personal details
  • Request a personal Teacher Reference Number (TRN) for your trainees
  • Recommend your trainees to be awarded Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) or  Early Years Teacher Status (EYTS)
  • Confirm the date a TRN was issued, or QTS/EYTS was awarded
  • Update ITT records with subsequent employment information

ITT Trainee data on the ITTDMS are shared with the Teaching Regulation Agency (TRA), an executive agency of the DfE, in order to process personal data within the Database of Qualified Teachers (DQT) to support the delivery of functions which in turn, support the delivery of education services and help to maintain public confidence in the teaching profession.

ITTDMS users’ personal contact data are held in order to allow communications to be sent in relation to collection cycles and issue/query resolution. This data may be shared within DfE to enable strategic or policy related communications to be processed.

Personal data on the ITTDMS may also be shared with relevant third party organisations to allow analysis on behalf of the DfE of the ITT process, its operation and any strategic or policy related studies. Personal data are only shared with third parties where data protection law allows it, or there is a legal requirement for sharing to take place.

Please email the DfE at if you have any questions about the ITTDMS, your trainees’ records or you experience problems accessing the service. If you have not used your ITTDMS account for more than 12 months, or you require a new account, then you may need to contact the DfE using the above email address to unlock your account or request a new one.

More information about ITTDMS, including data protection rights and details of third party organisations involved in data sharing activities, will be available in the full Initial Teacher Training Data Management System privacy notice on the Help Page of this portal. This notice is reviewed annually, and we therefore recommend you revisit this information on a yearly basis. The DfE will contact you to inform you of any changes to this notice if your email address is held on the ITTDMS.