NQT Survey Reports

    The newly qualified teacher (NQT) survey is a voluntary exercise carried out in February each year to collect and analyse NQTs'; perceptions of their initial teacher training. It is sent out to all new teachers registered with the General Teaching Council for England. The survey is used to gauge NQTs'; views on the quality of their initial teacher training and how well it prepared them for their first year in teaching. The results are used to help shape the NCTL's policies and are shared with universities, colleges and schools involved in initial teacher training. In addition, we introduced the induction tutor survey in 2007, in which we asked induction tutors to rate the quality of their NQTs' initial teacher training.

    NQT survey reports

    The survey results are published in the summer of each year in the form of sector-level and provider-level reports.

    Sector-level reports - These reports provide an overview of how NQTs rated the initial teacher training sector overall. They allow you to compare the sector's performance in a number of areas and track the sector's progress over the past 5 years.

    Please be aware that NQT Survey sector level analysis reports will NOT be generated for 2013 and beyond. Raw data will be available for interrogation in the provider analysis website and an executive sector level summary report available on the DfE website.

    Provider-level reports - These reports provide an overview of how NQTs rated the initial teacher training at specific providers. They are available only where a provider has received more than 10 responses from NQTs. You can track a provider's progress over a number of years, or compare responses for a provider to the overall sector average.

    Please select the years you wish to report upon (the last 3 years have been selected by default).

    Sector-level reports

    Provider-level reports